Aztec 3

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming Out of the Cancer Closet

The Facebook post went like this:

"Hi friends (& family) -- this is kind of a big thing to put in a status update and I apologize for that, but it's the best way I have for keeping people informed. So here it is -- on Feb. 7th I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously, it was a big shock but we're rolling with it. What we know right now is that the tumor (invasive ductal carcinoma) is small and not very aggressive. My test results thus far are ER/PR positive, HER2 negative, BRCA 1&2 negative, which is what we were hoping for. Feel free to google that stuff for more info if you really want to. We won't know about spread (and therefore about chemo) until after I have surgery, which will likely be sometime in the next month. I'm honestly feeling a lot of peace about things right now, and we're so thankful to be surrounded with loving, praying friends and family. I know many people have experience with cancer themselves and/or with loved ones. It's always great to hear encouraging stories of survival, and we're touched that people care enough to offer well intentioned advice; but please know that Andy and I have sought care and counseling from outstanding doctors (shout out) and facilities that we have total confidence in. All we ask for right now is prayer & positivity. I'll keep you posted when I know more but until then you can expect the obligatory kid posts and occasional rant about squirrels."