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Post-Mastectomy Photos

When I decided to have a mastectomy, it took me a few days to get up the courage to search for photos. I'm so glad that I did and am still grateful for the brave women who chose to post their post-mastectomy and reconstruction photos online. It gave me a way to be better prepared, to have a way to cushion the shock of my own incisions and scars. In the coming weeks, I will work to post my own photos. I've debated this for many months, but what I've concluded is that these are not photos of breasts. They don't look like breasts, don't feel like breasts, and don't function like breasts, but it is a testimony of what breast cancer is. It's not a blog page that I will advertise, but I want it to be available for women like me who are desperate for information and a way to prepare for what's about to happen to their bodies.

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